Virtual Tutoring

Due to the current pandemic, our students have access to online assistance. You’ll need an internet-connected gadget to participate. No matter where you are, you can converse with tutors. It provides a creative outlet for kids.

School can be irritating at times. The subject matter can be complicated to understand; teachers may be unavailable in class and then unwelcome even after or during office hours.

As a result, we provide an online outlet for kids. It creates a deeper level of learning. Students end up with a broader learning experience through our online classes. 

Locally and nationally, Our online teaching methodologies bring greater results than the average private school score! Math, Reading, and Science are three subjects our pupils excel in. This is due to the diverse learning environment we provide, including cutting-edge technology, innovative curricula, and a wide range of extracurricular activities.

Why Should You Choose Our Virtual Tutoring

  • The first advantage of our virtual classroom learning is that nervous students will often find it easier to engage in our classrooms. It means they don’t have the nervousness that comes with raising their hand in front of other pupils in a real classroom. And we encourage their questions. 
  • Any child with access to a computer and a reliable internet connection can partake in virtual classrooms. No matter how poor their mobility is, they may access a virtual classroom and begin studying.
  • They can then work together on projects and discuss ideas. It can also aid their teamwork abilities. Kids in our virtual classes will frequently have the opportunity to meet and learn with kids from all over the world, illustrating a variety of cultures and backgrounds. Understanding how other cultures and people solve problems might help your kids improve their abilities.
  • Kids can learn new tech skills through our digital platform and become more skilled with the keyboard and programs by using a computer during virtual sessions. Furthermore, as more firms transition to our skillful virtual teams, knowing how to interact and learn remotely might be a huge asset in the future.
  • Our online learning classes provide immediate feedback, which speeds up a child’s learning, allowing them to advance far more quickly than they would in school or college.

1 on 1 in-person Tutoring

There may be so much to review in a school year, and conventional themes with so much sophistication and depth may make it tough for educators to devote long amounts of time to diving deeper and deeper.

Learners can click the “pause” button with tutoring, locking in on a single topic and delving as intensely as they need to gain an understanding or as deep as they desire to satisfy their interests. Our digital learning platform is reliable and gives you the best education to compete with the ups and downs of life. 

We provide pre-recorded lectures to make students comfortable. Asking questions in class isn’t always easy for certain students. Furthermore, while many excellent professors can make students feel embarrassed to ask questions, both of these issues are addressed with one-on-one instruction. There aren’t 30 other students waiting to look at you with daggers and perhaps call you names, And our tutors want and expect questions to assist them and manage their lessons in their comfort zone. 

With our pre-recorded classes, your kids can learn at their own pace, dipping in and out when it’s convenient for them. It’s also more comfortable to learn at home, and it might be a better option for your kid with confidence issues who may find traditional institutions difficult to reach.

ACT Preparation

We got the key to improving your ACT score. We help you practice with genuine test questions and work with qualified trainers. Our experts will set you up for a high score by mixing formal practice into every lesson. You’ll feel more at ease with the test this way before taking the real thing.

The ACT Prep Class is meant to help students prepare for the ACT by providing them with test-taking skills and tactics. The subject and tactics for English, Math, Reading, Science and the optional essay will be covered in this class. Students should comprehend the ACT exam format, general and section-specific test-taking tactics, and the ability to identify and handle difficult or complex problems after completing the class.

SAT Preparation 

We offer result-guaranteed SAT courses. Every student enters the SAT with a wide range of talents in various areas. Unfortunately, most prep programs do not consider each student’s learning requirements. We focus on new learning methods, so the students find studying easy and comprehensive. 

Every student receives the same lectures and questions, rendering their teaching ineffective. Some classes will be far too simple, while others will be difficult. But the SAT Prep Course at Lewis Prep is unique. We construct a study plan unique to you and tailored to help you increase your grades the most. 

First, we give you a diagnostic to determine your exact level of proficiency in SAT skills. Following that, we construct a week-by-week study plan unique to you. You’ll always get questions and courses that are the proper hard level because the content is tailored to your ability level. Every aspect of Lewis Prep is geared to help you increase your grades as much as possible.

The purpose is to assist. This is because, when it comes to students and learning, each of the many various opportunities was developed to assist pupils.