The unwavering devotion to the highest standards of educational achievement across all grades is the common ground for the vast range of activities that make Lewis Prep comprehensive.

The fundamental college-preparatory areas of language and literature, mathematics, science, social studies and history, and the arts are the cornerstones of our education. Students’ global awareness is heightened due to the frequent use of international topics. As specific interests develop, we expand the structure to include more options.

Every grade level at Lewis has a tough and well-balanced course load. The curriculum for each division is centered on educating our young people in a way that is congruent with our mission: To encourage students’ intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and physical growth for them to reach their full potential. We keep class sizes small to optimize student involvement and achievement, so it doesn’t matter if we teach online because we focus on every student. 

Our school yearns students who have demonstrated academic excellence, high motivation, concern for others, and a preference to become a part of our community. Our school takes dignity in our students’ cultural diversity, strength of character, and respect for others.