Middle School Curriculum

Our goal in Middle School (grades 6-8) is to create an exciting three-year journey from reliance to independence for our kids. Our curriculum is known for its dynamic, student-centered learning experiences, including opportunities to collaborate, be creative, think critically, problem-solve, and produce genuine solutions to real-world challenges. We work to make a student’s transition to social and intellectual adulthood as smooth as possible. Developing several study abilities that students will need to accomplish at their best is emphasized heavily. The middle school curriculum is all taught English, mathematics, history, global languages, science, religion, physical education, art, theatre, and music.

We provide strong core academic courses that use well-experienced teachers who focus on your kids’ education base. We assign different reading and writing tasks to support optimal learning in basic subjects’ essential areas. Middle School students participate in academic quizzes and competitions that encourage students to embrace and comprehend the connections between traditional disciplines and the real world and become critical and reflective thinkers.

Our teachers are qualified and are well trained. Our educators delight in maintaining their education and enthusiasm for teaching by participating in professional development opportunities that focus on academics and ethical behaviors.

We use new techniques, digital labs, and modern classrooms to improve collaborative opportunities across all subject areas, even at the middle school level. We make use of the most up-to-date digital tools. Our faculty fosters a positive learning atmosphere by assisting students in discovering and developing their distinct passions. As our students traverse the emotional, physical, and social transition from childhood to adolescence, our faculty believes in teaching the whole child, preparing them to take on greater responsibilities, make sound decisions, and develop self-confidence.

High School Curriculum

The purpose of the High School (grades 9-12) is to prepare students for college and life success. Our High School students have the permit to a diverse and academically difficult course catalog. We provide effective co-curricular options such as Engineering, Robotics, Media Arts, and Entrepreneurial Studies that bridge academic areas such as math, physics, and art.

We believe that a healthy and successful education requires a balance of mind, body, and soul. To that aim, we provide High School students with various extracurricular opportunities to pursue their interests in the arts, athletics, and various student organizations, clubs, a student newsmagazine, and other activities. They may be selected for membership in numerous nationally recognized academic honor societies. From student clubs and activities to class reps and Prefects, peer tutors, and campus guides, a culture of student leadership provides a diverse range of opportunities. Our educational system fosters a sense of civic responsibility and is a prerequisite for graduation.

Faculty and outside experts give mentorship and assistance through advisory and assembly programs, resulting in a social and emotional development curriculum that is second to none. Our Director of Wellness guided programs and courses, helping students make the transition from late adolescence to early adulthood with the information and tools they need to live healthy and successful lives. 

Commencing at the end of their sophomore year, our students receive highly personalized college counseling that helps them choose their ideal college for a balanced career.